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Sri Rama Navami

By correspondent

Rama Navami or Sri Rama Navami is a spring Hindu festival that celebrates the birthday of Bhagwan Rama. This is a major festival in Hindu culture. This festival is celebrated on the 9th day after Amavasya i.e. no moon day in the month of Chaitra. »

Goddess Durga and Her Symbolism

By correspondent

Goddess Durga is known as Shakti that is, the divine energy symbolizes the divine forces (positive energy). Durga is a warrior goddess to fight the negative forces of Asura (the demoniac) named Mahishasura. All the gods came together and combine their energies to create goddess Durga. No gods could defeat Mahishasura. In these circumstances,... »

Dum Ke Rote – A Muharram Special Cookie from Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

Dum ke rote, a baked cookie that swamps the markets in Hyderabad city from Muharram, as it is available only once a year. It is a delicious confectionery and has all the goodness in it. Dum ke rote – How it is made? Prepared from semolina, ghee, maida, milk products, the cookie is garnished... »

Ganesh Celebrations in Hyderabad

By correspondent

The number of Ganesh pandals in the city has increased this year when compared to last year. Last year the number of Ganesh idols were around 55,000 and this year the number is over 65,000. This year nearly 26,000 Ganesh idols were immersed in Hussain Sagar. This year there was also an increase in... »

Ganesh Chaturthi in Hyderabad Apartments – A Lot More Than Just Celebrations

By correspondent

The 10-day Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations have started in the Hyderabad city. Today, we are seeing people celebrating it with more decency and reverence. People in apartments make it a point to gather for the Ganesh aarthi in the evening, organize small events and this is the time when they bond and get to know... »

Kite Flying, Sankranthi and 2011

By HIOC Team

Sankranthi means return of war cries, crowds and battle zones. If you thought this has anything to do with the Sri Krishna report or TRS, then you are wrong. It is the kite duels and hectic activity on the skies of Hyderabad. One of the very unique things about the culture of Hyderabad. Probably... »

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