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Health Officials find Food Shops in Dismal State

By HIOC Team

Health officials from GHMC raided several food shops as a matter of checking the quality of the foodstuff stored thereof. To their dismay, food to be sold has been found in a precarious state- stored in refrigerators in conditions that is detrimental to the health of consumers. Raw and cooked food was found stored... »

Food Manufacturers Instructed to Decrease Salt Content in Packaged Foods

By HIOC Team

26 Jul 11: Usually, Indians are used to higher salt intake. And now, due to the lifestyle changes, people are now preferring more of ready-to-eat packaged foods, which also have high amounts of sodium. But, the medical researches have proved that higher salt intake will lead to severe health related problems such as developing... »

Additional Information to be Printed on Packaged Food Items

By HIOC Team

14 Jun 11: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), is preparing a set of guidelines to food items manufacturers, which will instruct them to compulsorily specify additional details of the food items on packages, to enable the consumer know more about what he/she is eating and then take an even more informed... »

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