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A Tribute to the French for Sowing the Seeds of Renaissance and Cosmopolitan Culture in Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

From Golconda kings to the Nizams, the city currently being called as Old city was been designed and used as the capital for administrative purposes. The emphasis was more put on palaces, gardens, worship places, bazaars, etc. which were important for the King and the people serving him, to live and perform their duties... »

Other Cultures Respond Positively to Accidental Death While Doing Job/Pursuing Interests

By HIOC Team

Sometimes people die in freak accidents while pursuing their life passions. Most recent examples include the 40 year old whale trainer Dawn Brancheau killed by a whale during a show at a amusement park, former newsman McWethy aged 61 died in a skiing accident, a 34-year-old journalist Michelle Lang died in Afghanistan while doing... »

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