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Formal Business Attire – Why Employers Insist for Job Interviews?

By HIOC Team

Dressing shows human attitude and behavior. It shows whether the person is capable of right conduct or not. Dressing should match the situation/occasion. For example we can’t wear jeans or skirts on our wedding; sandals in a temple. Similarly, we can’t wear the dress that doesn’t suit the business environment. Professional organizations expect their... »

Formal Business Attire for Women

By HIOC Team

Dressing formally to an interview or to your job shows your boss, colleagues, clients or the interviewee that you have the minimum requirements and interest in working. If you don’t wear formal attire, you may be regarded as having no interest in working or someone who will become a problem employee »

Formal Business Attire for Men

By HIOC Team

Due to both expense and humid conditions, the Indian office formal wear has been already reduced from a suit to only light shirt and suit pants. The dress code covers the full attire including accessories like shoes, belt etc. Formal business dress should be paired with appropriate accessories – lesser the better. »

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