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Traffic in Hyderabad City Center

By correspondent

If we have a close look at the traffic situation in Hyderabad, during the business hours, the roads turn jam packed with vehicles. It takes more than 3 hours to travel from one corner of the city to the other corner. A thorough exploration of the situation reveals one of the main reasons for... »

Hyderabad State

By HIOC Team

The area outlined in red color represents the Hyderabad state, super imposed over today’s India map. Covering an area of around 82,600 square miles (212,000 km²), Hyderabad state was not only the largest but also the most important native state of India, administered directly by the Governor General of India. Hyderabad state included Telangana,... »

Instructions to use Google maps for viewing Hyderabad City

By HIOC Team

Steps by Step instructions on using Google to view Hyderabad City Maps: First go to http://maps.google.com OR go to www.google.com and click on the “maps” tab. Just put in the name of area in Hyderabad you want to look for in search field and click search. For example type in “Ameerpet Hyderabad” A detailed... »

Why use an online Hyderabad city map?

By HIOC Team

The online maps have changed our perception of looking towards maps. By integrating latest technologies, online maps have provided dynamic features that have made locating anything anywhere much easy. The online maps are proving to be much beneficial than traditional maps. Unlike traditional printed maps, even the most recent changes are updated in online... »

Cyberabad Map

By HIOC Team

Unlike the other parts of Hyderabad city, this part is unique and does not share any cultural characteristics of other parts of the city. In fact, this is an artificial extension of the main Hyderabad city. If you can compare this map with other sub-parts of Hyderabad map, you can clearly see the difference... »

Hyderabad Old City Map

By HIOC Team

If the history of Hyderabad city starts before 400 years, this map shows the area where it all started. This Hyderabad map (Old City area) shows one of the earliest major cities in India. If you need to know how cities were about 200 years back, you can go to areas in this Hyderabad... »

Secunderabad Central map

By HIOC Team

Popularly known as twin city of Hyderabad, Secunderabad has its own history, culture and commercial elements. Being under British cantonment before independence, the areas in the Secunderabad map provided here are seen to be more influenced by the western culture than the Hyderabad. Today Secunderabad is considered as a part of Hyderabad city and... »

Kukatpally Suburb Map

By HIOC Team

Back to Hyderabad Map. »

Central Hyderabad Map

By HIOC Team

As you can see in this Central Hyderabad map, Hussain Sagar stands as the major attraction of this place. In the modern Hyderabad, this part of the city is vital among all others, with being hub of the administrative, tourism as well as commercial centers of the entire state. This place holds major administrative... »

Hyderabad Maps – Frequently Searched Maps of Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

A good map of Hyderabad is very useful as the city is undergoing constant changes and new areas, buildings, roads are getting developed as population is increasing. A recent map giving updated information is needed by both long term residents and those new to Hyderabad. Below is a map of Hyderabad providing an overview... »

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