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Hyderabad City, India – An Introductory Overview

Hyderabad is 5th largest city in India and well-known worldwide for its offshoring. Hyderabad is the capital of the latest state of India, Telangana state. Telugu is the regional language of Telangana. Hyderabad was a sleepy city known for its…

Planning a trip to Hyderabad city, India

Hyderabad is one of the oldest historical cities with many attractive places as tourist destinations for the visitors. The enchanting landmarks, delicious cuisine, delightful shopping, the rich mixed culture and historical traditions clearly distinguish Hyderabad from other cities. Added to…

Different Locations for Counting Votes of Hyderabad District

On May 16 the counting of votes for the 15 Assembly constituencies and 2 Parliament constituencies of Hyderabad district will take place at 15 different locations and the counting will start at 8 a.m., and each round could take about…

Poor Turnout of Women Voters in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad many women haven’t voted and this could be one of the reasons for the city for recording the lowest polling percentage among all districts in Telangana. It is recorded that, the assembly constituencies that come under Greater Hyderabad…

Hyderabad in World’s Top 10 Least Expensive Office Space List

According to the latest findings of global realty consultant DTZ, Hyderabad is among the top 10 least expensive office space markets in the world. The reasons behind this are due to rupee depreciation and fall in rental because of political…

How to Plan a 4 Day Trip to Hyderabad

Are you planning for a four days trip to Hyderabad, but confused on how to plan the trip and what are the places to visit? Well, we are here to solve this confusion for you. We have given you a day wise plan so that you can enjoy your visit fully in Hyderabad. Read on..

Top Heritage Tourist Places to Visit in Hyderabad – Built Before 1947

Hyderabad is known for its masterpieces like Charminar and Golkonda fort. There are number of historical monuments that are major attractions. Not only are the historical monuments famous, but there are other popular attractions, read this article to know more about the top heritage tourist places to visit in Hyderabad, built before 1947.

Hyderabad City Taxes Moving Out to Outskirts, Thanks to Our Predatory Elites

Where are Hyderabad taxes going? Living in city centre are we paying taxes for the development of the outskirts? Why is it that out taxes are not at work? Who to blame? Well, they are the predatory elites, the so called VIPs and VVIPs of our city that include corrupt politicians, bureaucrats, socialites and crony businesses men.