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Musi Riverfront to be Developed in the Lines of Necklace Road

By HIOC Team

9 Oct 11: GHMC is coming up with a makeover plan of the Musi riverfront between Puranapul to Nagole with an estimated budget of Rs.200 to 250 crore. It is planning to make this stretch a tourist destination as similar to Necklace road. As of now, GHMC has called for proposals from the consultants,... »

Musi – Now a Target for Dumping Sewerage

By HIOC Team

According to Hyderabad Metro Water and Sewerage Board, 1,000 million litres of sewerage from the city is being dumped in Musi River. In these only 550 litres is being treated by the 3 STPs. According to GHMC officials, Hyderabad produces about 340 million of gallons of sewage per day and 4,000 metric tonnes of... »

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