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Major Bus Routes of TSRTC in Twin Cities

By HIOC Team

You would not worry much about these bus routes if you own a vehicle and are sure that you will never get into major means of transportation in Hyderabad. The information below will be very useful not only for people new to Hyderabad but also for the Hyderabadis who are new to traveling by... »

Buses from Secunderabad

By hiocuser1

Secunderabad has the busiest bus junction which is well connected to all parts of the twin cities with plenty of TSRTC local buses. The area is also not too far from the Secunderabad railway junction, Jubilee bus station and other major shopping areas of Secunderabad. The list of bus numbers from Secunderabad to important... »

Buses from Nampally

By hiocuser1

Nampally, which can be considered as the center of the Hyderabad city, is in close proximity to the areas like Mahtma Gandhi Bus Station, Afzulgunj, Koti, Birla Mandir etc. Traveling from Nampally to other major junctions in Hyderabad is very easy and affordable through public transport, provided if the exact bus number is known.... »

Buses from Mehdipatnam

By hiocuser1

Mehidipatnam is a major suburban area which acts a center point to reach Rajiv Gandhi International Airport from places like kukatpally, Begumpet, Banjara Hills, Nampally, Musheerabad etc through P.V. Narasimha Rao Elevated Expressway. Mehipatnam bus stop is one of the biggest in the city as people can find buses to all major destinations from... »

Buses from Koti

By hiocuser1

Koti is said to be the best street shopping spot in Hyderabad, as one can find products belonging to electronics, fashion, stationery and many more. Both locals and visitors come to this place for buying things on discounted prices. The local buses from Koti connects to wide traffic junctions around the twin cities, both... »

Buses From Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station (MGBS) –

By hiocuser1

Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station also called as Central or Imlibun is one of the busiest areas in Hyderabad as the place is flooded with travelers as well as incoming & outgoing TSRTC buses. There are many city buses connecting from MGBS to another bus station in Secunderabad i.e Jubilee bus stand (JBS) and other... »

Buses from Dilsukhnagar

By hiocuser1

Often people visit Dilsukhnagar area for entertainment, education and shopping. It is largely a middle class residential area with high population density and rapid development in the last five years. The place is well connected to the twin city areas through public transport and hence people living here find it easy to travel to... »

Buses from Charminar

By hiocuser1

Charminar is a busy commercial area in the old city of Hyderabad as people often visit this place for shopping as well as sight seeing. The most affordable way to reach this place is through public transport. One can find plenty of buses from Charminar, the heart of old city, to other suburban areas... »

Traffic in Hyderabad City Center

By correspondent

If we have a close look at the traffic situation in Hyderabad, during the business hours, the roads turn jam packed with vehicles. It takes more than 3 hours to travel from one corner of the city to the other corner. A thorough exploration of the situation reveals one of the main reasons for... »

Comparison of Various Bus Passes

By correspondent

Last Updated: 09-Jan-2015 TSRTC offers various types of bus passes for general public to travel within the sub-urban limits of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Please note that along with the below mentioned charges, there will be additional amount of Rs.25 to obtain an ID card that goes along with the bus pass. The card is... »

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