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GHMC to Set Up Mobile Toilets

By HIOC Team

10 May 2011: GHMC is planning to set up mobile toilets in the different parts of the city. The toilets are designed to accommodate 4 to 10 people at a time. They will have automatic payment collection system and automated doors which will open only on payment of the fees. They are also equipped... »

Risk Of Infections At Gandhi Hospital

By correspondent

Risk of infections is being increased as a result of dangerous bio-medical waste generated in the Gandhi Medical College. Large amounts of hazardous wastage is being released from the hospital but the hospital is failing to dispose them in the proper manner. Gloves, syringes, wound dressings etc. are dangerous wastes which is being thrown... »

City Low in Cleanliness: NUSP

By correspondent

Do you Hyderabad is one of the clean cities in India? Think again! A recent survey conducted by the National Urban Sanitation Policy (NUSP) gave Hyderabad a low rank, 88. It indicated that Hyderabad is worse than Kukatpally municipality which got 77th rank among 423 Indian cities. Hyderabad along with other bigger cities like... »

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