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Mercury Levels Rises, Hotter Days Ahead

Weather experts say that there will be further rise in temperatures. On Monday, 31 March the temperature in the city rose to 39.4º Celsius. Experts say the city’s highest maximum temperature is likely is likely to stay at 40º Celsius…

Cloudy Weather Gives Hyderabadies Respite from Unbearable Heat

In the last two days, the city is experiencing cool breeze which has reduced the temperature and bought a pleasant change. The cloud cover has bought changes in the weather. On 27th May the city recorded with the maximum temperature…

Air Cooler Vs Air Conditioner

Summer is here and people are looking for ways to beat the heat. One thing that puts many people in dilemma is whether to go for an air cooler or an air conditioner. Here’s a helpful guide to compare air coolers with air conditioners. It will help you make a better purchase.

How to Use Air Coolers Effectively

Are you using air cooler and are not happy with its performance during peak summers. Can’t switch to AC because of the costs involved? Don’t worry, you can get almost the same cooling and comfort of AC using your air cooler. Read on to know how to get optimum performance from air cooler.

Getting Your Air Cooler Ready for this Summer

It’s summer! Let’s get our air cooler out from the storeroom and get it ready for use. Many of us, don’t do it the right way, maybe we don’t know how to do it or we are lazy. If it is not cleaned properly, it may not perform well or worse, may affect one’s health badly.

Souring Temperatures Break Records In Hyderabad

The city was burning hot on Sunday with the day-time temperature reaching a record of 42.4 degrees, the highest-ever in the past nine years. The Met department’s forecast reveals that same temperature will be present over the next two days.…

March 2010 Was Warmest Since Many Decades

Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced March, 2010 as the warmest month in the previous several decades and the Telangana topped the regions which recorded high temperatures. The monthly temperature study by IMD, reveals that the March-2010 was the warmest,…

Two Hour Power cut in City

Power cuts are back, quite early this year. Every year, we witness power cuts in the summer season but they are longer, frequent and causing more inconvenience this year. The temperatures are consistently hitting the 40-degree mark early in the…