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Origin of Telangana, Andhra, and Rayalaseema Names

This article examines how the areas of Telangana, Andhra, and Rayalaseema got their names. Telangana name origin The Telangana region has been derived from two names: Trilinga Desam and Trilinga Pradesh. Trilinga is common in both and only in the…

Telangana Name Origin From Trilinga Desam

Trilingas Telangana

Telangana has a history of civilization dating to 5000+ years. Telangana was called Trilinga Desam or Trilinga Pradesham in ancient times.  The translation of the term “Trilinga” reads as the land situated between the three temples dedicated to Bhagwan Shiva.…

Surging temperatures in Telangana including Hyderabad

If you are a resident of Hyderabad, then you must be already experiencing the extreme temperatures since the beginning of April. The State Government has issued heat wave warnings for the entire Telangana State including Hyderabad. Normally, summer temperatures in…

‘Mission Kakatiya’ – Good News to Telangana Farmers

Telangana is a semi-arid region with a limited amount of rainfall. So, farmers in Telangana mostly depend on tank irrigation and ground water resources. Government of Telangana has made a smart move to restore the tanks in Telangana with a program called ‘Mission Kakatiya’. They restore more than 46,000 tanks in Telangana through this mission

Authentic Dishes of Telangana

Every region has its own tradition and food plays a major role in tradition. Telangana region has a wide variety of food as a part of its tradition. People from different regions and states love Telangana cuisine because of the unique mix of spices. In this article, we have listed some of the authentic dishes of Telangana.