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Cloudy Weather Gives Hyderabadies Respite from Unbearable Heat

By HIOC Team

In the last two days, the city is experiencing cool breeze which has reduced the temperature and bought a pleasant change. The cloud cover has bought changes in the weather. On 27th May the city recorded with the maximum temperature of 38.4 degrees Celsius. The change in the weather offered the much needed relief... »

City Experiences Cold Wave as Temperature Dips to 13ºC

By HIOC Team

The 26th December of this month was one of the coldest days of this season, as the city shivered at 13ºC, which was 2 degrees below normal. The drop in the temperature and the chilling waves in the city left everyone shivering. In the coming days, the city is likely to experience the cold... »

Temperature Dips Lower and Lower in City

By HIOC Team

Winter in the city is becoming colder and colder, the nights are even colder than the days. People in the city are experiencing the chilliness of the season and to warm themselves are getting into woolen sweaters and shawls. The city on 18th November recorded a low temperature of 12.4° Celsius. It dropped by... »

Mercury Dipped to Below 10ºC in the City

By HIOC Team

Mercury dipped to 9.8ºC, its lowest in the past five years. Weather officials forecast a further dip in minimum temperatures by one or two degrees in the next two days in Hyderabad and other parts of the state too. The minimum temperature recorded by Hyderabad was 9.8ºC on Sunday. It fell by nearly one... »

Souring Temperatures Break Records In Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

The city was burning hot on Sunday with the day-time temperature reaching a record of 42.4 degrees, the highest-ever in the past nine years. The Met department’s forecast reveals that same temperature will be present over the next two days. Due to the severe heat, most of the residents did not dare to venture... »

March 2010 Temperatures in Hyderabad Consistently Hitting 40ºC Mark

By HIOC Team

Hyderabad as we all know is fairly warm throughout the year and severely hot in summer. Summer starts from the month of March and prevails till the end of May. The temperatures in March are generally low compared to the other months in the season. According to BBC weather, the average maximum temperature in... »

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