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Hospitals Asked to Increase Security

By correspondent

The city police have set their eyes on security at hospitals after entertainment hubs and malls. Police checked at hospitals and found out that there is poor security. Also they checked at malls and found the same situation. From the 26/11 alert experience, Cama hospital had come under attack. So that is why city... »

Get Used For No Parking Signs in Crowded Places in Hyderabad

By correspondent

‘No parking, please!’ are going to be placed at crowded areas such as Jagdish Market and the Big Bazar at Abids soon. This is because these parking spaces have been recognized by the police to be among the several soft targets in Hyderabad for terrorist attacks. The city police already taking action and barricading... »

Video Surveillance Enhanced in City to Prevent Crime

By correspondent

The city hosts hundreds of close observation cameras, real time video analysis software, off the air voice recording gadgets, cell tower monitoring,fingerprint scanner, a nationwide database to watch every one to protect the people from terrorist activities. As of now police have installed 132 surveillance cameras in the city and soon they will add... »

Increase The Security In Malls And Public Places

By correspondent

City Police Commissioner of Hyderabad said that private security agencies need to be alert in the wake of terror alert for the next few days and increase security in malls and public places. He said that intelligence agencies had given the information about a possible terror strike. He said security guards need to check... »

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