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Hyderabad to Face Water Crisis

By HIOC Team

Hyderabad is facing acute scarcity of drinking water this summer. The problem is more acute in certain parts of the city. As the current situation continues to be grim, in the coming few months, the main areas of the city will receive water only on alternate days and there would be cut on the... »

Need for Rain Water Harvesting Plants in Every Household in Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

Besides being a renowned city ruled by the Nizams, Hyderabad has infamous distinction as a one having scarcity of water. Though the city is endowed with man-made water bodies like osmansagar, Himayathsagar, Manjira barrage, etc., the growing size of the city and increasing population have led to increased requirement of water. Water scarcity in... »

Rain Water Harvesting Structures for Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

The GHMC has planned to build more than 6,000 rain harvesting structures in five zones having 1,500 structures. The cost of the work is estimated at Rs. 6 crore. It has been proposed to encourage educational institutions having large expanse of land for promoting such structures. Also, there are several roads in the city... »

Acute Water Scarcity in Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

Shortfall of water has turned out to be more acute because of fast depletion of water level in reservoirs. Most parts of the city are hit by water scarcity and it has led to mounting complaints to the authorities. Currently the Water Board manages the situation by pumping water from the Osmansagar reservoir. If... »

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