About Us

We started Hyderabad-india-online.com (HIOC) with a simple goal – make a good website about Hyderabad that offers functional information to white-collared educated middle class. It also covers some topics that are important but are not typically covered at other websites.
With our deep understanding and connection with Hyderabad’s white-collared middle class, we select topics that people of Hyderabad want to know, the topics that are inspiring and information that is actionable in their daily life – simply, all that is important for people of Hyderabad.

HIOC is different — Caters to white-collared educated middle class

There are many websites on Hyderabad, but none of them is really serving white-collared people of Hyderabad. We hold no bias against any community or economic segment, but we wanted to make something exclusive for the white-collared educated middle class. Our website caters to those –

  • white-collared middle class employees who comprise the good work force
  • who strive to build a good professional environments at the workplace
  • not overly fascinated by media & entertainment channels, but interested in knowing something more meaningful that brings the right perspective about the things around them

Above all, we are neither interested in supplying latest news updates that hold no value for the next day, nor really fascinated to write on the recent movie releases in the city. We want everyone to be beneficial with our engaging articles, have a stress free reading experience, and fill their brains with useful bits of information that might come in handy when needed.

Tired of breaking news! You are at right place

Lastly, we are tired of all the “breaking” news. We wanted to cover something more meaningful, substantial, and important for the educated, hardworking, white-collared audiences. Simply put, our website focuses on the best, not necessarily the latest things.

Hyderabad city in India is what we focus on

Here we are talking about Hyderabad in Telangana State in South India. Hyderabad, a cosmopolitan city having a blend of different cultures and a history of over 400 years as an urban area.