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Outbreak of Dengue and Other Viral Fevers in Hyderabad

By HIOC Team

Hyderabadis have once more confronted with fatal diseases like dengue, malaria and more recently scrub fever. Hospitals have witnessed rapid rise in such cases. Added to this all, is cases where there is a couple of two diseases, say malaria and dengue affecting a single patient. Increased urbanization, clearing of forests, encroachment of prime... »

City attacked by Viral Diseases

By HIOC Team

Because of the dip in the temperature, due to continuous rains drenching the cities, cases of viral fevers, pneumonia, asthma attacks have increased. Malaria has also increased a lot during the past few days. According to the officials of fever hospital, around 1000 people are visiting the hospital with different problems like fever, runny... »

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