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GHMC Working Actively on Beautifying the Flyovers in the City

By HIOC Team

The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) has already started beautification works in the city for the upcoming Eleventh Confederation of Parties for Convention on Biological Diversity (COP-11). As a part of this project it has decided to execute some art works, called as murals, on the pillars and ramps if the flyovers at various... »

Flyovers in the City to be More Safe

By HIOC Team

28 Jul 11: Keeping in view the increasing number of accidents on flyovers, GHMC in association with city’s traffic department has decided to fix glow studs and cat eyes on flyovers and approach roads leading to them. It was found that most of the accidents took place while motorists were trying to take ‘U’... »

City Flyovers Need Immediate Repairs

By HIOC Team

22 Jul 11: Recent periodic inspections of 45 flyovers conducted by GHMC has revealed that hair line cracks have appeared on around five flyovers. Apart form that, several flyovers were found with damaged bearings and loosened expansion joints. The officials also reported that the bitumen layer on the bridges was very heavy and the... »

HMDA Tries to Give up Maintenance of PVNR Flyover to GHMC

By HIOC Team

Though the works of PV Narasimha Rao Elevated Expressway, are still pending, HMDA (Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority), which took up the project at a budget of Rs.600 crore, wrote a letter to GHMC to take up the regular maintenance of PVNR flyover and Indra Reddy flyover at Langer Houze. The two flyovers were made... »

Fly Overs Does not Influence the Traffic and Noise

By HIOC Team

The fly overs are helpful for bringing down the pollution levels at the busy junctions. They are used not only for avoiding the traffic congestion but now-a-days they are helpful for bringing down the pollution levels. The RSPM (Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter(RSPM) is above normal levels and while noise levels are just above the... »

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