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Hike In The Application Fee For The Non-Immigrant Visas

By correspondent

Two-Tier fee structure for non-immigrant visas has been introduced by the U.S. Consular Sections world wide from June 4, 2010 for raising the application fee. Cost of the applications of business or tourism (B-1/B-2), crew member(c-1/D), student (For M) or exchange (J) categories will be U.S$140 and white receipt will be issued. Green receipt... »

Less Visa Interviews From May

By HIOC Team

The US Consulate in the Hyderabad is planning to increase its existing facility to help the raising demand for consular services and therefore will temporarily decrease visa appointments for both American citizens and visa applicants from May 1. However, it will accept more applications in April. The consul general, Mr Cornelis M. Keur said... »

USA H1 Visa – Expect Many of Your Friends and Relatives to Come Back

By HIOC Team

The United States has been the dreamland for many bright, young Indians for many years. The huge employment opportunities, good working environments and higher salaries lured them to US. But the ‘American Dream’ for many Indians seems to be fading these days. Many H1 visa holders are going through tough times. Many factors like... »

What H1 Visa NRI’s Have Learnt from America – Expectations from and Duties of Government

By HIOC Team

In US, the primary responsibilities of the local government are free schooling, maintenance of roads and infrastructure, safety and security and overall welfare of the residents. In India, the local governments share similar responsibilities among many others, which are ambitious but often are caught for inefficiency in maintaining the quality. For NRIs who are... »

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