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It’s Foolish to Choose a Hospital Based on Its Fancy Looks

By correspondent

How do you evaluate a good hospital? Is it the nice building, front elevation, or the grand interiors that make a good hospital? Are these things important? Not at all. The most attractive doctor is not the most competent doctor. Similarly, the best looking hospital is not the best for medical treatment. But today,... »

Government Constitutes SRC to Provide Security to Hospitals

By HIOC Team

13 May 2011: To review the security system in government teaching hospitals and medical colleges, the government has constituted Security Review Committee, which will formulate the measures to provide all round security. The committee will take advices from the experts to prepare a report on the hospital security. The state level SRC will be... »

Govt. Hospitals to Treat More Arogyasri Patients

By HIOC Team

23 April 2011: Responding to the reports from Planning Commission on Arogyasri scheme, the state govt. has increased the share of patients getting treated at government hospitals, under this scheme, from 22% to 40%. The Planning Commission has reported that the scheme was only benefiting the corporate hospitals. The state govt. as a reply... »

New Act to Make Minimal Standards Mandatory for Every Health Care Provider

By HIOC Team

22 April 2011: According to Clinical Establishments Act, every healthcare provider, right from single doctor to tertiary hospitals needs to have minimal standards in infrastructure. The National Accreditation Board for Healthcare Providers (NABH) in association with Union Ministry of Health is busy formulating the list of minimal standards, which will be out in three... »

Private Medication to Cost More with Increase in Service Tax

By HIOC Team

The Union budget for the year 2011-2012 has imposed an extra 5 percent of service tax on all the medical services and diagnostic tests provided by all the hospitals which are air conditioned and have more than 25 beds. This increase is being opposed by the patients, managements and associations representing these private hospitals,... »

Consultation Fees in Corporate Hospitals to Go Up

By HIOC Team

The top most corporate hospitals in the city are gearing up to hike their consultation fees almost by 10% to 30% of present fees. Yashoda hospital is about to increase its consultation fees by Rs.50, while most famous hospitals like Apollo are planning to increase their consultation fees from Rs.500 to Rs.750. Apart from... »

A New Blood Bank with Hi-Tech Equipment in City

By HIOC Team

A new blood bank with capability to isolate different components of blood like platelets, plasma and packed cell, was recently inaugurated in Hyderabad at St.Theresa’s Hospital, Erragadda. This blood bank provides facility like blood cell separator by using hi-tech medical equipment, such as aphaeresis machine, which is useful in viral fever treatments. According to... »

EMD in Osmania General Hospital

By HIOC Team

Medical facilities are growing in Hyderabad during the recent times. As a part of the development, in the first quarter of 2011, Osmania General Hospital has provided the India’s first Emergency Medicine Department which is recognized by the Medical Council of India. With the implementation of EMD in the hospital, maximum number of lives... »

Patients Receive Unfair Treatment as a Result of Cut and Dry Attitude of Doctors

By HIOC Team

When ever a patient goes to doctor, a persons gets only 18 seconds to explain his problems to the doctor. Before patient finishes discussion about his problems of aches and pains, doctors begins writing the prescription. Now-a-days, there is no satisfactory relationship between patient and doctor which are new lows in urban Indian cities.... »

Seven Area Hospitals to Provide Latest Facilities

By HIOC Team

Government is said to develop seven area hospitals in the district equal to corporate hospitals. Recently Hyderabad district collector revealed this news. They will provide special wards for children, pregnant women and ENT with latest facilities in these area hospitals at Malakpet, Golkonda, King Kothi, Nampally, Vanasthalipuram, Barkas and Surajbhan. Source: Express buzz »

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