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City Roads May Get an Uplift Soon – GHMC to Maintain and Repair Roads Under R&B

By correspondent

If roads are bad, people in the city tend to blame GHMC. But the fact is, the maintenance responsibility of most roads in the city belongs to Roads and Buildings (R&B) department. Annoyed with the public response and to ensure the quality of all the roads, GHMC held meetings with R&B department, and has... »

Roads Being Repaired in Hyderabad City

By correspondent

Bad roads and killer potholes in the city are being repaired. Is it because this year we have elections? Or Because in Delhi elections Congress lost to Aam Aadmi? Or is it because we have a new GHMC commissioner? (Looks like our leaders are on their way to impress people). Since monsoon, the city... »

Hyderabad Roads Choked With Traffic

By correspondent

In the last few years, Hyderabad has witnessed a huge growth in population and in number of vehicles. Population grew by 24 per cent and rise in number of vehicles was nearly 230 per cent. Due to the increasing population there is rise in vehicles and space on the roads is getting jammed with... »

City’s Road Infrastructure Cannot Support the Growing Traffic Demands

By HIOC Team

25 Jul 11: Institute of Urban Transport (India), in a presentation ‘Traffic and Transport Problems and Prospects of Hyderabad Metropolitan Area’, has said that the current road network in the city is very much inadequate to meet the rising demands of the traffic. All the major corridors in the city are already saturated and... »

City Roads to Get Rid of Potholes with Introduction of White-topped Roads

By HIOC Team

20 Jun 11: In order to make the city roads clear of potholes in monsoons, GHMC has announced that white topping will be done on roads. On a pilot basis, this white topping will be done on a stretch of 1km between Lakdikapul and Mehdipatnam, with a budget of 1 crore. If it is... »

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