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Food Inflation Bothers Nation

By HIOC Team

Food crisis and food inflation are what bothering Indian government now. As per stats from Financial Times and few other sources, vegetables presently cost 70% more than the last year. The recent decline in the food prices inflation from 18.3% to 16.9% (until 1st Jan), was not of much relief. Even after the slight... »

Hike in Petrol Prices

By HIOC Team

Petrol prices were hiked by the central government in major cities across the country. These increased prices came in to effect from midnight of 15th January 2011. The current price of petrol in Hyderabad is Rs.65.18 – increased by Rs.3 from the earlier price of Rs.62.18. This price is including 33% of VAT. This... »

Vegetables to be Sold in Rs.99 and Rs.49 Packs at Rythu Bazaars

By HIOC Team

The state Government has come up with new schemes to reduce the burden of increased vegetable and onion prices on the consumers. The state Government has come up with two packages of Rs.99 and Rs.49 at all the 9 Rythu bazaars present in the city. The Rs.99 includes 1kg of Tomatoes, 1kg Potato, 1kg... »

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