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Light Lo Bapu

This is an article send by one of our readers few years back. It was so popular that it compelled us put it on the main page of our website. The article filled with sarcasm on today’s environment is a humble request to our ‘Bapu’ on his birthday to take the things lightly.

Rise in Seasonal Diseases Because of Rains

There is a chance of increase of diarrhea and communicable diseases because of the present rains in twin cities. Doctors at Government Fever Hospital reported 50 to 60 percent increase in seasonal diseases from last monsoon. There is a chance…

Sir Ronald Ross Institute Needs to Develop

Sir Ronald Ross’s 153rd birth anniversary was on 13th May. Sir Ronald Ross found the link between malaria and mosquitoes. He got Nobel prize for that. Sir Ronald Ross discovered the parasite in the mosquito, and which causes malaria when…