Looking for Help – a Housemaid, Cook, Tailor, Carpenter Or A Painter – Look Up Greenmango.co.in

GreenMango is a social venture that connects people who need services with self-employed technicians and service providers who typically have no channel to advertise or promote their businesses or services.

GreenMango is an easy way to find and review local businesses that provide the daily services you need. Everyday, they comb the streets of Hyderabad city to find the best carpenters, tailors, plumbers, mechanics, repairmen and other service providers in your neighborhood.

They also know how important recommendations from others are when hiring a service provider, so they offer you reviews and ratings from their past customers. They want to make your life a little easier by bringing you the information you need everyday.

GreenMango does not guarantee the quality of the vendors on its website. Please evaluate all vendors before hiring them. However, those who are listed pay a small fee for listing – so they are serious about finding work!

So check out the listing for the category in your neighborhood and call these self-employed people to solve your problems!

Site link: http://www.greenmango.co.in/home

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4 Responses to “Looking for Help – a Housemaid, Cook, Tailor, Carpenter Or A Painter – Look Up Greenmango.co.in”

  1. Deepthi

    Great post.Thank you.

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  2. Ramesh Kumar

    The number of people is very small in any geography. If you cannot find anyone from the small list of people listed, you are back to old network – telling this person and that person. Green Mango is only of limited use. Green Mango needs to do a lot more work! Though you should know..

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  3. Free Blog

    Nice post..Keep them coming 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Mary Ann

    We wanted to thank you for helping us to get the word out about GreenMango. If anyone wants to learn more about GreenMango’s services they can contact us at 4240 8080 or go to the website.

    Mary Ann at GreenMango

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