PCs, Internet Connections to be Recorded in Census

The fifteenth Census (done for every 10 years) of India will start in Andhra Pradesh from April 26 to record the population and details of the eight crore citizens in the state.

For the first time Census officials are going to record the households which will have computers and Internet connections. Till now, details regarding radios, televisions, telephones, bicycles and motor vehicles are recorded.

To make the job of the Census officials easy, every household in the state will be provided with a temporary identification number. These numbers are temporary and will not deal with any rights of the householders.

After the notification for the Census is delivered, the boundaries of all districts, mandals, towns and villages will be fixed till the Census process is finished. The Census will divide areas into urban and rural. All areas declared as municipality, nagar panchayat, municipal corporation, Cantonment Board and township will be registered as urban. Areas which have population of more than 5,000 with 75 per cent of male employed population and with density of population more than 400 per sq km will be considered as urban areas. All other areas will be considered as rural areas.

Administrative units have been established in 27,800 villages, 353 towns, 15 municipal corporations, 58 urban collection and 108 prominences.

The initial phase of the 2011 census, to be started from April 26th to June 10th in the state and it is known as Houselisting and Housing census. It will also collect details which are used to construct a comprehensive data base for the National Population Register (NPR) that will carry out particular biometric identification components and photographs of 120 crore Indians along with a special identification number. The second phase known as the Population Enumeration phase will be conducted all over the country from February 9-28, 2011 and record population without omission or duplication.