Delay In Issue Of RC Causes Difficulties To Vehicle Owners

The delay made by the Transport Department in issuing Registration Certificate (RC) to vehicle owners is compelling them to pay challans delivered by traffic police.

According to rules, vehicle owners should get RC after acquiring Temporary Registration number which is valid for 30 days. But, because of the delay caused in printing and issuing the RCs to vehicle owners, most of them are being forced to pay traffic challans, as they failed to submit the RCs when asked by the police.

After the introduction of the three-tier computerised system in the Transport Department, all the RCs related to Mehdipatnam, Malakpet, Bahadurpura, Secunderabad and Khairtabad RTO’s are being printed and dispatched from Khairatabad RTO via post.

But procedure has worsened the problems further. A senior official at the Central Office said that about 1,000 RCs are printed daily at Khairatabad RTO with three printers. So, nearly 5,000 RCs belonging to Malakpet RTO are need to be printed and dispatched. Other RTO’s also has the same problem. Previously, RCs were printed at corresponding RTO’s and dispatched by the end of the day. This practice helped in speedy delivery.

Joint Transport Commissioner B. Venkateswarlu refused delay caused in printing and dispatching the RC. He said many RCs were returned back to them by the postal department as the vehicle owners were not present at the mentioned address, as it was very essential for getting the certificates.