Less Visa Interviews From May

The US Consulate in the Hyderabad is planning to increase its existing facility to help the raising demand for consular services and therefore will temporarily decrease visa appointments for both American citizens and visa applicants from May 1. However, it will accept more applications in April.

The consul general, Mr Cornelis M. Keur said that the renewal period, which is supposed to last for six weeks, is inevitable, because the existing arrangement is failing to meet the increasing demand for the services provided by the consulate in the city.

The consulate also informed that, in order to avoid difficulty to visa applicants, the consulate general will increase the number of visa interviews this month, before the facility upgrade starts in May. Visa interviews are also organized for Saturdays for the next four weeks beginning from April 10.

Mr Keur suggested applicants to apply well in advance of predicted travel dates to get visas or US citizen services like passports, notarials, or consular reports of birth abroad. He also said that those who require visas urgently within the six-week period must apply at the consulate in Chennai or others across the country. He assured that emergency services for US citizens will not be disturbed.