Cyberabad: Contaminated Water Spells Trouble in Qutbullapur

Due to contamination of drinking water, about 100 people, including 15 children became ill in Indira Nagar near Bachupally village in Qutbullahpur mandal which is 35 km far from the Hyderabad city.

Dirty water from the huge nala entered in to the drinking water pipeline and resulted in contamination of the water. 48 villagers are being admitted in Pranam Hospital at Madinaguda, and the rest are being treated in the community hall in Indiranagar.

Out of them 13 are being discharged and the condition of the children who are still in hospital were out of danger but it will take a couple of days to recover. At Indiranagar, there were four bore wells initially out of which three wells are used for pumping the water to the houses from an overhead tank still now. But as of now the water is being drawn from the fourth well which leads to suspicion that the water coming from the fourth well is being contaminated.

But the authorities believe that water is contaminated only in the supply lines. The deputy collector and tahasildar said that if the water which is drawn from the fourth well is contaminated, then the whole water tank gets contaminated and then everyone should have been affected and finally said that the water only in the supply lines get affected.

People fell sick and finally the authorities stopped the supply. Packaged drinking water is being supplied to the villagers from outside. Samples of water are being collected by the technical staff of rural water supply department and the institute of Preventive Medicine for testing from various places at Indiranagar. Action will be taken after considering the test reports of the water.

Source:The Hindu