Health Awareness Project By The Authorities Of Health

For improving the health and nutrition levels of the children between three and six years, pregnant and even lactating mothers in the capital city the district authorities of health are going to launch a project on ‘ Fixed Nutrition and health Days’.

Basically the aim of this project is to keep an exclusive day in a month for providing a number of medical services for both the mother and the child. The work of identifying risky areas, anaemic children and even children with malnutrition and need of protecting them from diseases is already under process.

The project is being taken up by 750 centres in the twin cities. Major services which are being done during this project include protection from disease (immune towards diseases), monitoring the growth in children, health educational sessions and even for providing nutritional support.

But as of now the local health care workers of the capital visit the slum areas and risky areas on a day of their choice. Because of this type of system help women and children who are missing their services. As of now the authorities are making aware of the upcoming project. Firstly the pregnant women and children of risk areas are being motivated to participate in this project.

Source: The Hindu