Increase The Security In Malls And Public Places

City Police Commissioner of Hyderabad said that private security agencies need to be alert in the wake of terror alert for the next few days and increase security in malls and public places. He said that intelligence agencies had given the information about a possible terror strike. He said security guards need to check their equipment on a regular basis and observe for persons who move suspiciously. And he said that they should put emphasis on regular internal audits and screening parking areas of malls.

He pointed out that there had been some incidents when culprits came with bags, planted bombs in public places and walked away freely. He stressed that fault less security can help identify culprits in such situations. He further said that guards manning in specified areas should be in constant touch with each other to co-ordinate at time of emergencies. He also said if security agencies ignore the safety measures then the severe action will be taken against them.

Police commissioner also said that visitors between 18 and 35 years had to be checked thoroughly before being permitted to enter the buildings.

He said that agencies would be rewarded which initiate proactive measures and help police in preventing incidents.