Wives of Two Accused Persons In Ganja Case Pleads Innocence

The wife of history sheeter, who has been recently arrested in the Ganja case, claimed that his husband was innocent and the police had arrested him by registering a false case against him and have been harassing as they could not pay the demanded amount.

The history sheeter, Syed Najaf Ali and another person Syed Faisal Ali were arrested by the South Zone task Force as they had obtained ‘Ganja’.

Najaf Ali’s wife Tabassum Begum claimed her husband as the innocent person before the reporters. She said that the task force did not allow her inside the office and has not responded to her when she went along with her husband for the regular appearance and finally arrested him in the ganja case.

She also said that her husband is not performing or being involved in any illegal acts and is now leading a normal life and the people of task force demanded money. As they could not meet their demands the task force police arrested him.

Even the Faisal Ali’s wife also claimed that as they are not able to meet the demands of the police they implicated her husband in a false case.

Source: Express Buzz