Emerging Trends Make Search Engines More Interactive

Research projects have been launched by the software giants to make search engines more interactive and it help the search engines to perform multifaceted tasks at the search engine itself.

Search engines will help the users to make the bank transactions, buy the products and learn a particular subject without redirected to another site in future.
The emerging trends will renovate the search engines and involve in organizing all the information to focus on the users requirements and by this it can identify users’ intention of search. Especially these trends will help in decision-making and they will help to complete the tasks in the short time.

The present archived web information will be transformed to the decision-making services, to make it more user friendly. The working of impression-based advertising will be transformed by the the paradigm shift to transaction-based advertising.

Pay-per-click was adopted by search engines and transaction based advertising will be used instead of pay per click. More revenue will be brought by this transaction based advertising for search engines and more business is encouraged by this for advertisers.

Source: The Hindu