Commercial Buildings Lack Parking Areas

Irregular parking is one of the main reason for the traffic congestions. Even the road spaces were widened, as the parking infront of the commercial building is resulting in the traffic chaos.

Inorder to avoid this, Traffic Police Additional Commissioner told owners of the commercial buildings to create the parking space as per Government Order No. 86 that every commercial building should have 40% of the built up area for parking.

195 buildings were identified by GHMC for not having the parking space according to the rules. Even the officials of GHMC asked the businessmen to buy a building or the land by forming a group for parking and also assured that no taxes will be imposed on that for the first five years and only a low grade taxes will be imposed on those places after five years.

Thus, the owners of commercial buildings should follow the plan, according to GHMC, so that to free the roads from parking of vehicles.

Source: The Hindu