Special MMTS Trains in City on Sundays

South Central Railway decided to run the more MMTS train services from 3rd October on Sundays to serve the public demand for MTTS trains.

According to the schedule, the trains are F17 Falaknuma (10:35) – Lingampally (11:50 hrs), LF8 Lingampalli (12:00 hrs)-Falaknuma (13:15 hrs), FL8 Falaknuma (10:55 hrs)- Lingampalli (12:30 hrs), LF9 Lingampally (12:40 hrs)-Falaknuma (13:55 hrs) and HL13 Hyderabad (13:05 hrs)-Lingampalli (13:45 hrs). And it decided to extend the LS1 Lingampalli-Secundrabad MMTS trains and SH2 Secunderabad-Hderabad MMTS train to Falaknuma on Sundays from 3rd October. And LS1 will changed to LF20 and SH 2 run as FH5. LF20 Lingampalli-Falaknuma train starts from Lingamplalli at 14:30 hrs and reaches at 15:45 hrs to Falaknuma. And FH5 Falaknuma-Hyderabad train starts from Falaknuma at 16:00 hrs and reaches at 17:05 hrs to Hyderabad.

Source: The Express buzz