City Police Not to Compromise on Law & Order

According to City Police Commissioner Mr. A.K.Khan, the year 2010 was very significant in terms of decline in crime rate across the city. According to him, apart from the cases related to the illegal transportation of drugs, Police Department was successful in bringing down the crime rate. He also said that the police personnel were successful in maintaining peace, law and order even during Telangana agitation being on fire and promised to continue the same during 2011. He also announced that, as an effort to curb smuggling of psychosomatic drugs, an “Anti-Narcotic Cell” will be set up in the city shortly.

Numbers showing the decline in crime rate from 2009 to 2010 were released. It was seen that the number of murders have decreased to 128 from 154, other criminal offences such as dacoities decreased from 6 to 5, robberies had decreased from 59 to 53, the number of rape cases decreased from 49 to 45. The number of kidnappings showed an increase, there were 107 cases reported in 2009, while 120 cases in 2010. On the whole, 17,830 criminal cases were reported in 2009, while 17,045 being reported in 2010.

The other major developments in 2010 regarding the investigation of most wanted terrorists were, nabbing of Shaik Khaja (alleged to have close links with Harkatul Jehad Islami), capture of Mohd Zia-ul-haq, lone L-e-T operative and also the TIG operatives, headed by Viquaruddin alias Viquar Ahmed.

Source: Siasat