Not Even One Andhra Pradesh Company Listed Among Top 10 Indian IT Companies

Hyderabad is one of the major hubs of Indian IT industry. It is known as the second Silicon Valley of India just after Bangalore. The city even has a region dedicated to IT industries – the ‘Hi-Tech City’ of Madhapur suburb. A rapid growth of technology in this area has led civic boosters to call the city “Cyberabad”. The city also has a prominent place in the International IT sector.

Only one Andhra Pradesh company listed in top 20:
With all the resources and hype on IT sector in Hyderabad, we had only one company listed among the top 20 Indian IT companies, that too at #17 position. In total, there were 16 domestic and 4 foreign IT companies in the report released by NASSCOM on top 20 Indian IT companies for 2009 – 2010. Among them, only one domestic company – the Infotech Enterprises Ltd., was based out of Hyderabad.

It was also observed that not even one major foreign IT company had its Indian headquarter in Hyderabad.

Top 20 IT companies headquarters – city wise rank positions:
Bangalore was leading the list of cities, with more number of IT companies in the NASSCOM report, with 6 companies; followed by Mumbai (5 companies), New Delhi (3), Pune (3), Chennai (1), Indore (1) and Hyderabad (1). The details are as follows:

  1. Bangalore – 5 domestic (Ranks- 2,3,6,16,19) and 1 foreign (Rank 13) companies
  2. Mumbai – 4 domestic (Ranks- 1,7,10,18) and 1 foreign (Rank 14) companies
  3. New Delhi – 2 domestic (Rank 4, 15) & 1 (Rank 8 ) Foreign companies
  4. Pune – 2 domestic (Rank 5,20) & 1 Foreign (Rank 11 ) companies
  5. Indore – One domestic company (Rank – 9)
  6. Chennai – One domestic company (Rank – 12)
  7. Hyderabad – One domestic company (Rank – 17)

Infotech enterprises Ltd., of Hyderabad ranked in 17th position among top 20 IT companies. It was incorporated in 1991. There are some companies which started their operations in Indian IT sector after 1991 and got better ranks than Infotech. MphasiS ltd (1998) is ranked 6th, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd (1994 ) is ranked 16th, L&T Infotech (1997) is ranked 10th, 3i Infotech Ltd (1993) is ranked 14th, MindTree Ltd (1999) is ranked 13th, Polaris Software Lab Ltd (1993) is ranked 12th, Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd (1994 ) is ranked 16th, CSC India Pvt Ltd. (1991) is ranked 9th and Aricent Technologies (Holdings) ltd (1991) is ranked 8th.

There are no strong players from IT sector in Hyderabad when compared to other cities. Intelligroup was sold off to NTT, Sierra Atlantic was sold off to Hitachi and Satyam was taken over by Mahindra. Most of the Hyderabad based companies failed due to various reasons. Almost all major IT companies having their branches in Hyderabad, operating successfully. But it is a uncomfortable fact to know that none of them has its Headquarters here.

Top 20 Indian IT exports Companies: [According to NASSCOM 2009 – 10]

Rank Company Name Rank Company Name
1 Tata Consultancy Services 11 HSBC Software Development (India) Pvt Ltd.
2 Infosys Technologies Ltd. 12 Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
3 Wipro Limited. 13 MindTree Ltd.
4 HCL Technologies Ltd. 14 3i Infotech Ltd.
5 Tech Mahindra Ltd. 15 Mascon Global.
6 MphasiS Ltd. 16 Honeywell Technology Solutions Lab Pvt Ltd.
7 Patni Computers Systems 17 Infotech Enterprises Ltd.
8 Aricent Technologies (Holdings) Ltd. 18 Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
9 CSC India Pvt Ltd. 19 Sonata Software Ltd.
10 L& T Infotech 20 Zensar Technologies Ltd.

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