Cane Cafe – A Great Hygienic Place to Have Sugarcane Juice

How many times did you pass by a sugarcane juice bandi (stall) and did not feel like trying it, worried about the cleanliness of the stall? Am sure you might have given up the idea of drinking sugarcane juice many times this summer even when you’re thirsty after seeing the flies sitting on and flying around the juice vessel and worse getting crushed with the sugarcane in the crusher.

You may also be worried about the quality of ice used and the cleanliness of the glasses in which the juice is served. This is very common in Hyderabad, if you want to drink sugarcane juice you should compromise on the hygiene part. You can literally find hundreds of sugarcane juice stalls in Hyderabad but not one good place to drink.

We have found one place in the city where you can have sugarcane juice without worrying about the hygiene and quality. It’s Cane Cafe. This sugarcane juice parlour is located at Tarnaka ‘X’ roads, beside Sanman hotel on the main road leading towards Habsiguda.

You need not worry about parking your vehicle – there is sufficient off street parking. It is on the inner road, you can drive in easily to the place.

Sugarcane juice in a cafe environment
Cane Cafe is a great place to have sugarcane juice in the Hyderabad city. It is one of its kind sugarcane juice parlour that offers a variety in sugarcane juice – blended with a variety of fresh fruits.

The juice parlour is operated by women. They maintain high standards of personal hygiene. The place is neat and clean. They cut sugarcane into small pieces and put it in the fridge, so there is no need of adding ice to it, it is cold. They have a small blending machine that is clean. The whole place is well organised. It has a modern cafe environment with high bar stools where you can sit and enjoy the natural drink.

Variety in flavours
You get all the traditional varieties – plain sugarcane juice, sugarcane juice with lemon, sugarcane juice with ginger and sugarcane juice with mint. The price of sugarcane juice blended with lemon and ginger in Rs 20 for 280ml.

Exotic combinations
You also get to taste something really different that you haven’t tried before – sugarcane juice blended with fruits such as orange, mosambi, pineapple, pomegranate, grapes, litchi and so on. The combination of sugarcane with fruits increases the flavour of the juice. Sugarcane juice blended with pomegranate is popular at this place. You can’t find this anywhere in the city. It costs Rs 40 for 280ml. You can split it to 2 and it will cost you Rs. 20 per head; they do it willingly.

If the place is not crowded and if you are in a group, they even allow you to sample the exotic juice before ordering.

Having juice at this parlour is refreshing and it can surely quench your thirst in this scorching summer. Before summer ends make sure you try it out. I am sure you will visit the place again and again!

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