How to Vote – A Guide for the Voters in GHMC Area

Got ready for casting your vote tomorrow? Good! Hope you have pulled out your voter id card, collected your photo voter slip, and you are ready to vote. In this article, you will find some practical information related to voting date, timings, documents to carry, etc.

Polling date: 7th December 18

Voting time: 7 am to 6 pm

Things to carry
For voting you must carry your voter ID, photo voter slip or alternative photo document to identify yourself at the polling station, that can include driving license, passport, service ID cards with photos, bank or post office passbooks, PAN card, Aadhaar card, pensioner’s card or employee government ID card .

Know your polling station

Still didn’t get your voter ID card?
Check the status of your newly applied card or the one where you wanted corrections. This article Check the Status of Your Voter ID card will guide you.

Even if you don’t have voter ID, you can still use the above mentioned documents to prove your identity. However, you will be able to vote only when your name is listed in the electoral list.

List of contestants from your constituency
Are you looking for key information related to your constituency before voting? This article will help you take an informed decision in these crucial elections.

Collecting your photo voter slip
Photo voter slip will help you confirm your enrolment and serial number in the electoral rolls. You will get your photo voter slip at your doorstep from the Election Commission before the polling date. They were distributed by the GHMC. If you haven’t collected it yet, you can collect it outside the polling station on the polling day from the Booth Level Officers (BLO).

How to use EVM machine

As you hand over your photo voter slip to the presiding officer who confirms the serial number, he allows you to vote use EVM for casting your vote


On the balloting unit of EVM, you should press the blue button against the candidate and symbol of your choice

As the button is pressed, a tiny lamp on the left side of the symbol glows red and simultaneously a beep sound comes from the machine. This signifies that you have voted. Press the button only once

In case of red LED not working, consult the Presiding Officer


If you do not wish to vote for any of the candidates, you can press the button NOTA which means None of the Above

Secrecy of voting is important. If you violate the secrecy, you will be booked for an offence under Section 128 of Representation of People Act, 1951

We have collected some important points for you. If you want to go through the complete guide for voters given by election commission, click here.

Complaint on distribution of liquor/money
If you find any incident of distribution of liquor/money/gifts, send complaint SMS to 8790499899 as < 3-Digit Assembly No. >< Space >< Compliant >
For enquiries
For any enquiry, you can call CEO Andhra Call Centre Toll Free No – 1950 (24X7)

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  1. B Karthik

    Don’t get confused with Assembly and Lok Sabha voting. Ask the person which one is state and which one is central

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  2. LS

    Looks like cellphones are not allowed in polling booths. Security will NOT hold your cell phone while you go inside for voting. Leave your phones at your home or lock them in your vehicle. Go prepared

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    • shantha

      You can carry phones to polling booths. Its not a problem. Make sure that while casting vote at the ballot box, dont talk on phone. Its a violation of rule

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  3. Solmon Chris

    sometimes it will take few seconds to hear the beep sound.. please wait till hear the beep sound… don’t press the button again…

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