5 Ways To Create A Beautiful Garden Within A Small Space

For nature lovers, without having a garden in their homes they feel restless. However, the primary hurdle for them is the lack of space. Not everyone has a large plot of land and those living in apartments face this issue even more. However, you have several ways that can turn your home into your own green corner rich in foliage.

  • miniature treesReusing old items: Instead of throwing away your old furniture, tumblers, buckets, etc., you can easily reuse them to create compact gardening space. You can not only plant beautiful flowering trees in the container-like items but also reuse old shelves to create tiered green spaces.
  • Go vertical: When lack of space is preventing you from having as many plants as you would love, go for vertical gardening instead. You can use wall planters, which are special pots that can be attached to walls and can hold plants. It will look great, besides allowing you to convert an old wall into a beautiful green space.
  • Make it multipurpose: Rather than using up space you would need for other purposes on gardening, you can do both. For example, you can place plant pots on a wooden cabinet and still use the shelves for storing your items. Such a shelf can also be used as a garden shed if you are creating the garden within a small space outdoors.
  • Utilize the ceiling: If you don’t have space on the floor or have already planted there, you can have smaller plants in baskets and hang them from the ceiling. This looks especially beautiful in the porches and the plants to get enough light there.
  • Add your own space: You can always create some extra gardening space if you are creative enough. For example, you can attach a nice window box outside your window and fill it with flowering plants. It would not only make your home look beautiful from the outside, but would also allow you to enjoy the aroma of the flowers from inside your home.

Some ways to create multipurpose garden spaces

miniature gardeningYou have several ways to use a space for gardening as well as other purposes.

  • You may turn your attic or a garage you don’t use much into a garden with potted plants.
  • When your home or your patio comes with stairs that are wider than you need, you can turn the extra space into flower beds.
  • You can also add some plant trays in your dining room, make plant some plants in the window shutters of your bedroom or turn your terrace into a garden cum dining space.

Tips for vertical gardening

Wall planters and shelves aren’t the only ways to go vertical. You can also:

  • Take an old ladder and use the rungs and the framework to hold trays for placing plant pots.
  • You can use raised beds to create tiered gardens or store your gardening tools on the lower levels.
  • Climbing plants are a great way to create vertical gardens. You can use them to cover entire walls if needed.

Even in urban areas, lack of space is not a constraint to bring gardening dreams to reality. A little creativity is all it would take for you to have your own green zone within your home.