“Seiko” – Great, Affordable and the Best Quality Brand in Bath-fittings/Taps

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Are you tired of constant leakage in taps and worried about the water being wasted? Are you fed up with constant repairing/replacing of the leaking taps? Or are you constructing a new house and confused about what brand taps to buy for your bathrooms and kitchen? Then, this article is for you.

With many brands and models of taps available today in market and no genuine suggestions from shopkeepers, it has become very confusing task and consumes a lot of time and efforts in deciding what brand of taps to buy. We have done an intense research facing many challenges to simplify this issue for you and identified “Seiko” as the best quality, economical and value for money brand of all the brands available in India.

Brands available in India
While competition is very high among the Indian brands in bath-fittings and taps market, foreign brands are also trying to grab a share in the market. Among Indian brands Seiko, Jaquar, Ess Ess, Plumber, MarC, Cera, Parryware, Hindware, etc. are well known brands. Heating up the competition, foreign brands like Grohe, Kohler, H&R, Roca, etc. have started their operations in India.

Sieko is cheaper than all other brands
Among both Indian and Foreign brands, Seiko is the cheapest affordable and the best quality brand available in India. Let’s take a model each and compare the prices with premium brand (jaquar) and medium range (MarC) for your clarity.

Price comparison for pillar cock short body after 35% discount on M.R.P

Jaquar MarC Seiko
Rs. 870.00 Rs. 665.00 Rs. 390.00

Aesthetic models available in Seiko brand
Taps are one of the things that adds beauty to the place. As people today are not compromising on the look of models, they have many varieties and models available in Seiko. There are different models of taps for sinks (sink mixer), walls (mall mixer), 2 in 1 wall mixer, 3 in 1 wall mixer, swan neck, angel cock, stop cock, etc., in both long and short body and with quarter-turn and full-turn models (old style).

All these varieties of taps in Seiko are available widely in six ranges. They are:


Good service

  • With lowest prices, Seiko offers 5 to 7 years guarantee like all other brands and provides replacement to the products for free within the time of guarantee.
  • Parts of it are also available for cheaper prices in market.

Don’t get carried away by what shop-keepers say
Don’t believe in everything what shop-keepers say. Most of them misguide you. However, not all shop-keepers are the same. During our research, we have been to shops, who do different brands than others and experienced following things

  • Each and every shop-keeper said that the other brands are dead and no longer exists. If you find any, then they are just duplicate products (while, it is not true and the other brands are actually functioning).
  • Some shop-keepers makes you feel cheap when you talk about the other brands, that they do not do. They misguide you and make you buy only the brands that they do.
  • Some shop-keepers do not respond properly and quote double the actual price, discouraging you to know and decide on the brand.

So, do not rely on shop-keepers to suggest you the best brand.

It is proved that the other brands are way too expensive than Seiko. Please click here for prices of various brands in different shops in Troop bazaar, Hyderabad. It is now the end of confusion among taps and brands and Seiko is undoubtedly the best brand in taps and bath-fittings


  • Always prefer quarter-turn taps to traditional full rotating taps because
    • No leakage problem in quarter-turn taps
    • Easy to repair and maintain by yourself
  • Prices have increased to approximately 15% and the new prices will be in implementation from October 2013.
  • Shopkeepers may offer only 18 to 25% discount, but you can negotiate and get up to 35% discount.

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"Seiko" - Great, Affordable and the Best Quality Brand in Bath-fittings/Taps, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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3 comments for ““Seiko” – Great, Affordable and the Best Quality Brand in Bath-fittings/Taps

  1. vimal dev s j
    July 15, 2014 at 11:19 am

    I want to know about your product. Send details and also wholesale price.

  2. mahesh
    July 29, 2014 at 12:29 am

    @Vimal dev, visit Troop Bazaar. There are many shops. You can let the details. Try to negotiate as said in the article.

  3. John
    August 25, 2014 at 6:19 pm

    Does the above article apply now (Aug,2014). I heard from a builder that seiko quality has come down compared to olden days. I used seiko for 25 years and had no issues. I really liked it but what about the present quality. Is it still good?

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