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Introduction To Digital Advertising

By correspondent

In today’s world where practically all kinds of businesses focus on attracting the attention of their target customers through online means, it has become more important to make use of digital advertising campaigns. However, even though practically everyone has heard this term, there are still some ambiguities in the minds of businessmen who are... »

Indian Food Processing Industry – An Overview

By correspondent

The food industry in India is one of the biggest in the world and it offers excellent opportunities for investments along with great returns. Experts strongly suggest that the Indian food processing industry is destined to experience a huge growth within the next few years. This means that India is perfectly poised to contribute... »

UK Companies Withdrawing Their Call Centers from India

By HIOC Team

8 Jul 11: After the UK company, New Call Telecom has withdrawn outsourcing of call center activities from India, now its the turn of major UK bank, Santander to revert its call center. These firms have quoted increasing operating costs as the reason for taking back their outsourcing from India. They said that there... »

Emerging Trends Make Search Engines More Interactive

By HIOC Team

Research projects have been launched by the software giants to make search engines more interactive and it help the search engines to perform multifaceted tasks at the search engine itself. Search engines will help the users to make the bank transactions, buy the products and learn a particular subject without redirected to another site... »

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