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Tips To Keep A Car In Good Condition

By correspondent

Having a car is a necessity these days. To have a car in good working condition is the pre-requisite to make your transportation system smooth as walking in the park. Almost every urban middle-class family is having a car to travel around and to use a car is a daily routine. Now comes the... »

Reasons Behind The Growth Of Automatic Cars In Urban India

By hiocuser1

The Indian diaspora in western countries uses mostly automatic cars for the convenience and the stress-free driving that comes with operating the car. However, till recently very few of them used to buy an automatic car in India for their family members. Typically, the Indian culture gives a premium value to the child taking... »

Tata Nano Caught Fire Again

By HIOC Team

The world’s cheapest car, fondly called as ‘people’s car’ is again in news for wrong reasons. There is a report that a brand new Tata Nano car caught fire recently. It is not the first incident, three incidents of Tata Nano catching fire were reported from across the country earlier. However, nobody got injured... »

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