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Is India Growing Economically? Ask Amartya Sen

By HIOC Team

Very recently, we have gone through a write up by Amartya Sen in the Hindu, which revealed the much hyped economic growth of India in a very new light. If you are one among those who are greatly convinced by the increased speculations of India surpassing China’s Gross National Product (GNP), then this is... »

Word Telecoms Development Meeting at Hyderabad

By correspondent

The fifth World Telecommunication Development Conference is to be held from 24th May to 4th June at International Convention Centre (HICC), in Hyderabad. Priorities will be identified by this meeting for the development of telecommunications and information and communication technologies (ICTs). Various facets of the telecommunication industry will be focused on this meeting, and... »

Real Inflation Rate for Hyderabad is 13.18%

By correspondent

The newspapers and media are reporting that the inflation is –1.58% (for wholesale price index). The perception that is created is that prices are falling. That means as a regular person (i.e. non-VIP in the society) your day-to-day prices should come down. By this we mean the cost of a cup of tea at... »

Hyderabad ranked as 4th best city to live in India

By correspondent

A recent survey from Business Today ranks Hyderabad as the 4th best city to live in India, only after Gurgaon, Chandigarh and Chennai. The rankings were released in the June 28, 2009 issue of Business Today magazine. The report compares this city with other major cities of India in terms of infrastructure, consistent power... »

Hyderabad City Personal Income Tax Collections Fell for 2008-09

By correspondent

India’s Personal Income Tax grew by 9.9% for 2008-09.   The personal income tax also  includes Fringe Benefit Tax, Securities Transaction Tax and Banking Cash Transaction Tax.  However, personal income tax has declined in Hyderabad and eight other metro cities including Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai. Some other cities in the list of lower income... »

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