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Wealth Is Commonly Misunderstood: Living Life King Size Will Make You A Beggar

By HIOC Team

If you thought being wealthy means living in expensive neighbourhoods and spending lavishly, then you are mistaken. Wealth is what you accumulate, not what you spend. Many people think that to be wealthy, you need to have a life style of a king. However, lot of wealthy people have become beggars/bankrupt by living life... »

Guidelines to be Followed While Investing: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

By HIOC Team

20 Jul 11: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, under the aegis of Investor Education and Protection Fund, recently issued a notice in public interest advising few measures which are to be taken while depositing/investing in collective schemes of any entity either online or offline. The following are the guidelines which are to be followed... »

Center Takes Major Steps to Curb Black Money

By HIOC Team

In wake of increased pressure on center to reveal the details of top officials saving black money in the Swiss banks, Finance Minister of India had announced that these details cannot be revealed without a legal frame work. The government is taking measures to curb the menace of illicit funds accumulated by top officials... »

No Ban On 5 Rupees Denomination: RBI

By HIOC Team

If you have a Rs.5 note, this would not be accepted by any one. Believe it, it is a fact. This is because of mischief mongers spread that Rs.5 note was withdrawn from circulation. Some of the pretty traders, vendors, bus conductors, auto drivers are refusing to accept the Rs.5 note from the common... »

Hyderabadi Microfinance Company Gets Great Response for IPO

By HIOC Team

Generally, It is very rare to find a Hyderabad-based company in a industry leading position and more still an innovator in this area. SKS is a is non banking company, registered with Reserve Bank of India. It is regulated by RBI. SKS provides financial assistance to poor and rural individuals in India who run... »

AP Passes Appropriation Bill Without Any Debate

By HIOC Team

Without any debate, for the first time, the state Assembly of Andhra Pradesh passed the Appropriation Bill (It is a bill which allocates money aside for particular spending) permitting the government to spend the allocations (distributions) in Budget. As the Telugu Desam interrupted the House, the Speaker, Mr N. Kiran kumar Reddy, commenced the... »

Earn Daily Interest on Your Savings Account

By HIOC Team

You can earn more interest on your savings account now! Recently, the Reserve Bank of India has issued a directive to banks that they should start calculating interest rates on savings accounts on a daily basis from 1st April of this year. The interest rate is 3.5 percent per annum and will be credited... »

SKS Microfin to File for IPO

By HIOC Team

SKS, a Hyderabad based company is the first microfinance company that plans to raise about Rs.1,125 crore through the initial public offering (IPO). According to its share sale document, SKS, India’s largest microfinance company (MFI) plans to sell 1.68 crore shares. It is also said that Citigroup, Credit Suisse Group and Kotak Mahindra Capital... »

Why Foreigners are Attracted Towards Indian Stock Market


Due to the global recession, sensex plunged to 8,160.4 (as of March 2009) but within a few months, it surged to 17,198 (as of November 2009). The reason it is not due to the strong fundamentals or because India is a developing country.  In recent times foreigners are investing huge amounts on Indian stocks.... »

World Bank’s Loan to improve Civic Amenities in State

By HIOC Team

We are witnessing civic work developments in some regions of Greater Hyderabad these days. They are about to increase in the coming days as the World Bank has agreed to sanction a loan to Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project. The purpose of the project is to improve the urban civic amenities such as sewer... »

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