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Indian Flag must be in Khadi of Cotton, Silk or Woolen material

By correspondent

Come 15th August, streets and lanes will be full of National flags made with paper and plastic. But do you know that plastic flags are banned and khadi is the only approved fabric to manufacture flags? Read this article to know some interesting facts about the fabric of our Indian flag »

Flag Hoisting on Independence Day and Republic Day in India

By correspondent

India's two biggest festivals are Independence Day and Republic Day. Hoisting national flag is the most important event on these two days. National flag is unfurled across the nation at all government and non-government organizations by different officials. This article identifies who hoists flag at national and state level. »

Indian Flag – Do’s & Don’ts

By correspondent

Indian tricolour flag is the symbol of national pride. It is the responsibility of every citizen of India to know the dos and don'ts with respect to National Flag. Here are some important rules selected from flag-code of India to be followed while hoisting the national flag. Make sure you follow them. »

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