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AP Based Companies Destroy Investors Wealth and are Losing Their Trust

By HIOC Team

“An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return.” ― Benjamin Graham, the Intelligent Investor A recent article posted in Money Life explained the importance of thorough analysis before going for any investment. It put forward the poor performance of few Hyderabad based companies which started... »

Guidelines to be Followed While Investing: Ministry of Corporate Affairs

By HIOC Team

20 Jul 11: The Ministry of Corporate Affairs, under the aegis of Investor Education and Protection Fund, recently issued a notice in public interest advising few measures which are to be taken while depositing/investing in collective schemes of any entity either online or offline. The following are the guidelines which are to be followed... »

Why Foreigners are Attracted Towards Indian Stock Market


Due to the global recession, sensex plunged to 8,160.4 (as of March 2009) but within a few months, it surged to 17,198 (as of November 2009). The reason it is not due to the strong fundamentals or because India is a developing country.  In recent times foreigners are investing huge amounts on Indian stocks.... »

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