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Things to Buy From Hyderabad

By correspondent

There are some things that you simply cannot miss to buy from Hyderabad. To be very honest, your trip to Hyderabad is incomplete if you don’t shop. Read the article to get the inside on where and what to buy in Hyderabad. »

The Most Crowded and Popular Shopping Areas in the City Lack Parking Zones

By HIOC Team

22 Jun 11: The city’s oldest bazaars are well known and are the most crowded places in the city. But due to lack of proper parking facilities, the customers are facing huge problem. The popular bazaars in the city are Sultan Bazaar, General bazaar, Begum bazaar and Abids. They lack designated parking areas, which... »

Vegetables to be Sold in Rs.99 and Rs.49 Packs at Rythu Bazaars

By HIOC Team

The state Government has come up with new schemes to reduce the burden of increased vegetable and onion prices on the consumers. The state Government has come up with two packages of Rs.99 and Rs.49 at all the 9 Rythu bazaars present in the city. The Rs.99 includes 1kg of Tomatoes, 1kg Potato, 1kg... »

Faulty weighing Machines Being Used by Gold Shop Owners

By HIOC Team

Whenever you buy the gold ornaments, go for the re-checking the weights. Defective or wrong weighing machines which will have a variation of about 50 mgs or 25 mgs are being used by many jewelery shops in and around the cities and suburbs. On recent Akshaya Tritiya, the Legal Metrology Department conducted special raids... »

Shop Owners Will Be Charged For Parking Rule Violation

By correspondent

To put an end to traffic jams caused due to illegal parking on roads, traffic police have decided to give notices to commercial enterprises which do not have convenient parking arrangements. To promote better traffic management on city roads, traffic police in alliance with GHMC and other agencies such as HMDA has developed a... »

Pens and Stationery Items – An educated person’s productivity tools

By HIOC Team

Pens are the indispensable friend for any educated person. The writing of a person speaks volumes about him and his personality. The intellectuals take pleasure in their Pens much in the similar way as soldiers take efforts in maintenance of their arms and sportsmen in their sporting gears. Many great ideas and thoughts that... »

Abids-The Under Rated But Functional Shopping District


Already captured how I found my laptop bag in an earlier article. What I noticed was that in Abids there were several options for bags. You want to buy shoes there is Bata, Hollywood, and Metro. You want to buy jewelery you have dozen options. You want to buy clothes you have several options.... »

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