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Government to Intensely Scan Social Networking Sites

By HIOC Team

10 Aug 11: The central government is taking steps to monitor various conservations in the social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Access to encrypted data is the main focus of the government. The Department of Telecom is responsible for effective monitoring of these social networking sites. Currently there are Acts such as... »

Reaching Hyderabad Traffic Police Online

By HIOC Team

4 Aug 11: In order to keep the youth and general public aware of the various traffic enforcements and to educate them about various traffic initiatives, the Hyderabad traffic police has launched its page on Facebook. Motorists and pedestrians can also post any problems such as bad roads, traffic snarls or any other issues... »

Traffic Police Use Social Network Accounts for Alerting Citizens

By HIOC Team

Hyderabad police are planning to use innovative approaches for enhancing the traffic enforcement. The police are using the networking sites in an effective manner by posting the photographs of the people who fail to follow the traffic rules. The violation grievances can also be conveyed using both the video and audio tools. The information... »

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