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Professional Tax Hiked in the State

By HIOC Team

The government has decided to make certain changes in professional tax. The limit of tax-exemption for salaried/wage earning people has been hiked from Rs.5,000 to Rs.15,000. According to the new norms, professional tax Rs.150 per month is to be levied on salary/wage earners, in the slab of Rs.15,000-Rs.20,000 and Rs.200 per month for more... »

State Government Hikes VAT by 1% on Essential Commodities

By HIOC Team

13 Sep 11: The state government has increased the primary VAT (Value Added Tax) slab on essential commodities by 1%. Due to this hike all the goods coming under Schedule IV will have to pay 5% tax as against the previous tax rate of 4%. Under this group there are over 124 categories of... »

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