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TOFFEE Stickers to Wipro Employees – Exemption from Regular Vehicle Checks

By HIOC Team

The Cyberabad traffic police in association with the MNCs in the Cyberabad area launched ‘Total Offence Free Entry (TOFFEE)’ certificate program. Presently, the TOFFEEs are issued only to the employees of Wipro. According to this program, the employees having the TOFFEE stickers should display them on their vehicles so that they will be exempted... »

Traffic Violators to be Charged with Hefty Penalties

By HIOC Team

19 Aug 11: The state government has highly increased the penalties on motorists who violate the traffic rules as per the GO 108. If the motorists are caught doing various activities such as, talking in mobile while driving or jumping signal will be fined Rs.1,000. Even the motorists who are caught driving in wrong... »

Reaching Hyderabad Traffic Police Online

By HIOC Team

4 Aug 11: In order to keep the youth and general public aware of the various traffic enforcements and to educate them about various traffic initiatives, the Hyderabad traffic police has launched its page on Facebook. Motorists and pedestrians can also post any problems such as bad roads, traffic snarls or any other issues... »

City Traffic Department Gets Funds for Road Safety Gadgets

By HIOC Team

26 Jul 11: About Rs.39 lakh has been sanctioned by the state government towards procuring road safety gadgets for improving traffic conditions in Hyderabad. Some of the most important gadgets include 50 programmable device applications worth Rs.19 lakh, 200 cameras worth Rs.9.50 lakh and 25 breath analyzers worth Rs.10.50 lakh. Though advanced measures are... »

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