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Portability of Fancy Registration Numbers Scheme Launched by RTA

By HIOC Team

21 May 2011: RTA has proposed a scheme wherein, the vehicle owners can retain their old vehicle’s fancy number and continue the same to their new vehicles by paying a prescribed fee. The charge for retaining the registration number is two times the basic registration fee, which is decided on the basis of the... »

RTA Transactions to go Online

By HIOC Team

RTA officials have started talks with nationalized banks to launch a direct online payment system. This is taken as a measure, to pay the fees and challans in a convenient and faster way, avoiding the customers to stand in lines. It also makes the movement of money in to the government treasury directly as... »

Registration of Cars to be done at RTA Offices only

By HIOC Team

RTA officials have passed strict rules to all car showrooms, stating that they should stop collecting registration fees for vehicles from customers, as they have nothing to do with the vehicle registration. They are ordered to display a board in their showrooms stating the same and also providing information regarding various fees charged by... »

Registration of Fancy Numbers at RTA

By HIOC Team

RTA released a list of 100 left over fancy numbers. Left over fancy numbers are the ones which were reserved by the candidates but not registered. As per the rules of RTA, a fancy number should be registered within 15 days of reserving the number, by paying the prescribed fee. The reservation of these... »

Delay In Issue Of RC Causes Difficulties To Vehicle Owners

By HIOC Team

The delay made by the Transport Department in issuing Registration Certificate (RC) to vehicle owners is compelling them to pay challans delivered by traffic police. According to rules, vehicle owners should get RC after acquiring Temporary Registration number which is valid for 30 days. But, because of the delay caused in printing and issuing... »

Now PAN is Mandatory for Car Registration

By HIOC Team

Any one planning to buy a three wheeler or four wheeler after April 15th should produce their Permanent Account Number (PAN) card that is issued by the income-tax department. The transport department has ordered automobile dealers not to register vehicles, if customers do not produce PAN cards. The transport commissioner, Mr Raymond Peter said... »

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